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Mitogen International Inc specializes in identification of novel autoantibodies and biomarkers for autoimmune diseases.

Mitogen develops new diagnostic technology with application for detection of autoantibodies and autoantigens in biological fluids. Our expertise is in autoantigens of the Golgi complex, endosome and a novel cellular compartment, GW Bodies. We specialize in purification and characterization of intracellular antigens that react with sera of patients with systemic rheumatic and other autoimmune disease.

Mitogen focuses on autoantibodies in patients with idiopathic ataxia and chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy. We follow clinical features of patients with anti-Golgi anti-endosome, anti-GW182 antibodies and anti-DFS-70 antibodies.

Mitogen keeps in mind the role of environmental xenobiotics in the induction and perpetuation of autoimmunity.

Marvin J Fritzler PhD MD


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