Marv Fritzler, PhD, MD

Research Interests:

* Autoantigens of the Golgi complex, endosomes, GW/Processing Bodies, p80 coilin, M-phase phosphoprotein 1 (MPP1).

* Purification and characterization of intracellular antigens that react with sera of patients with autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases on pathway to diagnostic assay development.

* Autoantibodies and other biomarkers in patients with idiopathic ataxia, chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy, PANDAS/PANS, interstitial lung disease.

* The role of environmental xenobiotics in the induction and perpetuation of autoimmunity with Dr. Sasha Bernatsky (McGill University) and Dr. Jean Pfau (Montana State University).

* Clinical subsets in SLE with Dr. Ann Clarke and investigators of the SLE International Cooperating Clinics (SLICC)

* New diagnostic technologies with application to detection of autoantibodies and autoantigens in biological fluids:

  • Bead-Based Diagnostics Technologies: Luminex, Bio Flash
  • Lateral Flow and other Point of Care Technologies

Member of Team Grants:

  • Canadian Scleroderma Research Group (CSRG)
  • Canadian Inflammatory Myopathy Study Group (CIMS)
  • UCAN CANDU and UCAN Cure:
    Canada-Netherlands study of Juvenile Arthritis: CIHR, Genome Canada, Genome Alberta