Send your samples

Note: always contact Mitogen PRIOR to sending samples to receive updated instructions


  • CSF (1mL): Send in small sterile tube and/or
  • Serum (1mL): Draw blood in red top tube ( Golden Top-SST Tube), centrifuge and send ONLY serum (no red blood cells) in small sterile tube
  • Samples may be frozen until shipment, but send at room temp (ice packs preferred BUT NO DRY ICE)
  • Please make sure that the caps of tubes are tightly closed; it is preferable to secure them with Parafilm to prevent leaks.


  • Complete the Requisition as much as possible and include it in your shipment


  • Please advise if patient consent has been obtained. If available please provide a copy or send PDF
  • Consent forms are available on request.


  • Follow shipping instructions provided closely to avoid delays
  • Tracking numbers should be retained for delivery confirmation
  • If problems arise or you package is not delivered promptly please email:
    Haiyan Hou:


  • Reports typically follow 7-10 days after receipt of sample
  • Please indicate how you would prefer to receive results: fax, email, mail
  • If you have not received the report, other reflex tests may have been indicated. Please contact us by email (;