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Haiyan (Teresa) Hou, Laboratory Manager

Teresa is the manager of the Mitogen Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory. She oversees billing, database management, accreditation by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, lab reports and other administrative duties. She is also responsible for “Special Procedures” in the Clinical Lab (i.e., tests that are not part of the routine autoantibody profile done in the lab).

Haiyan is also involved in research projects being carried out in the lab, such as the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group(CSRG) , IBD and so on.

Zheng (Jane) Yang, Lab Technician

Jane supports a number of collaborative studies (Germany, Montréal, Houston, Toronto, Japan, and China) pertaining to the relationship of autoantibodies to disease subsets. In addition, Jane is involved in the evaluation of new diagnostic technologies such as addressable laser beads, peptide arrays, LINE immunoassays and new ELISA.

Meifeng Zhang, Lab Technician

Meifeng Zhang is involved in the application of molecular and cell biology technologies to a number of research projects:

-The importance of GW182 phosphorylation during cell cycle and its relationship to microRNA pathways and the function of GW bodies.

-Collaboration with Dr. J.B. Ratter and Dr. Kathy Shanahan to investigate a potential link between nesprins and GW bodies.

-Using multiple peptide arrays (SPOT technology) mapping epitopes and determinants on autoantigens.

-Investigation of the use of small peptide antigens as diagnostic reagents in multiplexed assay systems.

Meifeng’s expertise is in immunoelectron microscopy.  She performs diagnostic assays (TnT IP) for Valosin Containing Protein (VCP: liver disease) and M-phase phosphoprotein 1 (MPP1: neurological disease. One of her goals is to develop more rapid assays to detect autoantibodies to these two target autoantigens.

XiaoQing(Lucy) Yu, Lab Assistant

Lucy collects patient serum samples from the Calgary Laboratory Service, from out of region and also from out of province. All samples are labeled upon arrival for storage. Lucy also performs  assays such as IIF ,IFA and ELA  for clinical testing , such as ANA, ds DNA , paraneoplastic disease profile , muscle disease profile , inflammatory Bowel Disease panel( IgA,IgG) and so on.

Lucy is also involved some research projects. Her main job for these projects is to collect and organize all samples for research study.